Dear Readers,

My name is Jim Woods and at the age of 67 I have published four books all of which will be included in this website. It is here that I will publish new stories that I am currently working on, drafts of new books which I hope you will be able to comment on and give me advice. This will also be a place for other authors of the same genre to send stories, articles, ideas, and reviews. I will also make it available to give reviews of any work sent to me for my perusal.

Come and join me in this enterprise, discovering the truth behind self-publishing scams; the best writing software, marketing, publicity and all those other things that the ordinary authors like us find difficult and their costs beyond our pockets.

You may have already read some of my blogs in the past, and some of you will be new readers to my writings. Either way I hope that you will enjoy the contents of this website.

On this occasion the website will contain folklore, legends, history and unusual facts about my native home. I will also include the books that I have already written and have had published, all of which are available on Amazon.

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Some people find it difficult to comment n the works of others, but I welcome constructive criticism at all times. Moreover, if you would like to have your own folklore writing reviewed and published, feel free to send it to me.

Jim Woods August 2017.