Publication News I

Short Stories and Tall Tales

Published in May 2016                         ISBN: 978-1-5043-5460-8

This book is a short journey through a ‘Mystical Ireland’, which is my home. It is a land full of myths, folklore, celebrations, laughter and superstitions. Most of all it is a land of people who, despite the rumours, are not all saintly scholars. It is also a land of strange creatures and spirits such as Banshees, Leprechauns, Fairies, Pookas, and Witches.
In the daily life of the people in this ‘Emerald Isle’ there is much humour, love, care and strength that has already brought them through many harrowing experiences. These stories and tales are about industrious, hardworking people, as well as those whose favourite pastime is to avoid hard work and leave it all to others. But most of all they are stories set in an Ireland that is fast disappearing in this modern world, where traditional values seem to be irrelevant.
In this book is described life as it still exists in the Ireland of today, and life that folklorists and storytellers like myself wish to retain for the generations of Irish people to come. So, I invite you all to come with me on this short journey through a land where the mists hide more than the eye can see and the mind can accept as real.

Available from Amazon and Balboa Press 

It will soon be available from this blog through Paypal

I am considering Changing publishers so that this book will be more easily available. Comments on such a move would be welcomed

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