Publication News II

quare old times


Published: 2016                                                                                 ISBN:9781518688973

This is a book of Irish short stories that introduces the reader to new characters such ‘Gut’ McGivern and ‘Bull’ Larkin. It also includes tales of Banshees, Ghosts and other spiritual creatures that linger in the darker corners of Irish Folklore. The constant battle between good in the world and evil continues to be fought as bitterly in Ireland as it does elsewhere, but sometimes with more surprising and humorous results. People often say that ‘truth is stranger than fiction’ and these stories go someway to helping establish the truth of that statement. The difficulty for the reader may be telling the difference.

Readers, I advise that enter into this book with an open mind on such traditional superstitions that exist in Ireland, for they have been held for many centuries by the people. Such things do not develop from thin air, or maybe they do but have been witnessed by our ancestors. I know that you will enjoy it.

This book can be purchased from Amazon

I am trying to make it easier to purchase through this site by introducing a Paypal account. I will keep all followers of this site informed….

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