Summer Has Come

Dear Readers,

The summer of 2021 has come and it is time for all of us storytellers to take a rest and recharge our batteries. There are 206 stories of various kinds placed within this blog and if you have read them all then we thank you. But you might consider going over your favourites once again and leaving some comments with regard to why you like it, or not. This would help us all greatly.

Don’t forget that for those people who have sight or reading difficulties we have set up some of the stories as POdcasts, and this will continue over the summer. Tell your friends and family as well.

We will be back again at the end of August/ beginning of September. I’m moving house deeper into the countryside, so there will be plenty of stories, Poetry, songs and photos to gather for you. The format might change, but we would like your input into this. So, have a good summer, keep safe in this Pandemic and may you God always watch over you. You all will be in our thoughts this summer.


Jim Woods (WeeBush)

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